• Jolt Energy Mints

    • Back just for a limited time!
    • Contains caffeine, guarana and ginseng.... and minty goodness!
    • 9 tins of Jolt Mints in every box

    Product Info:

    They're BACK... with a flurry!  But just for a limited time.  
    Pop a few of these crunchy-nuggets-of-awesome for energy AND fresh breath.

    Wondering what makes these little power packs so darn tasty?  Pondering what mint flavor makes "mint flurry"?

    We combined the briskness of peppermint with the sweet goodness of spearmint, and then threw in a dash of wintergreen! That's the "flurry" in Mint flurry!  We could have called it "mint melange," but that'd just be dorky.

    You choose your boost.  2 1/2 Jolt mints = the energy boost of a glass of ordinary cola.  5 Jolt mints = the boost of small coffee or energy drink. 

  • $21.60  $25.11

Jolt Energy Mints

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