• Jolt Energy Gum Spearmint 12 Pack

      • Long-lasting Spearmint flavor!
      • Contains Caffeine, Guarana and more!
      • 12 packs of Jolt gum per box, 10 pieces per pack

      Product Info:

      Jolt Gum doesn't fill you up. AND it tastes good. You know, like regular gum. Except this gum... does more.  

      A 12 pack of Jolt Gum contains more than 100 pieces of yummy, minty fresh gum PLUS caffeine, Guarana and more! 

      You choose your boost. 1 piece of Jolt Energy gum = the boost of a cola. 2 pieces = the boost of a coffee or energy drink. 

    • $26.49  $28.99

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